The Voice Finale Cliffs Notes: And...The...Winner...Is...

Last night, The Voice took up TWO HOURS of prime time for it's final finale (as opposed to it's first Finale on Monday eve). So it's totally understandable if you didn't make it through the epic coronation - and with that in mind, I thought I'd strip away the fat and see how much meat The Voice really served up in it's 119 minutes....more
Love the post, so true.  I sure thought Chris Mann had it all the way, I was shocked.  But they ...more

The Bachelor Is Finally Over (Until May).

And there was not one surprise element in the two-hour finale, or the “After the Final Rose” special.I’m not sure if I’m so nauseated because I have a bad cold with mucus pooling in my stomach or if it’s the train wreck that was this season.  Probably the latter....more

‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2011: Season 12 Week 10 Finale

Mom Andrea Beth is a professional dancer and she is willing enough to talk about this finale episode of Dancing with the Stars. I did not even exert much effort in asking her to right about it. She said after a called her, “…I was like destined to right this one.” This will be so great!The celebrities left kicking on this season of “Dancing with the Stars” are actress/professional dieter Kirstie Alley, Disney princess Chelsea Kane, and NFL star Hines Ward, and they are much ready for their final Monday show. The adjudicators get to pick their first dance and guide the celebrities; after that, it’s the disreputable freestyle dance time....more

I love you DWTS. GREAT!more

Glee - Season 2, Episode 22 'New York' Songs Finale

Mom Melissa loves to this! I am actually chatting with her minutes before she posted this one, and I can clearly see in her eyes how excited she was. She is always saying that Glee is more than a TV show for her, it’s her life.'Glee' directs to Nationals this week in the finale episode of season two of the famous Fox series, and, as anticipated, the show will be loaded with well-known faces and powerhouse teamwork. Who is not excited with this?...more

I absolutely loved the the duet "For Good" by Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer that was FAB.
And I ...more

'The Secret Life of American Teenager' Season 3, Episode 26 - Finale

Mommy Jane is back on track to give you the latest information about the finale episode of The Secret Life of American Teenager. She will give you the best review she could about this episode. I hope you will enjoy reading this one.Youth are indeed exceptional in way of life as they incline to be more private. Lots of teenager in the United States only find their way to exploratory living and they occasionally fight to manage up with the changes in life....more

Forgive me. I always say I love that TV show because I honestly love it.more

The Farm Out To Pasture?

Late last night, Variety reported that "it's understood" Showtime has passed on Ilene Chaiken's The Farm, her rip-off of Chained Heat spinoff of The L Word about women in prison that was to star Leisha Hail ...more

Interrogation Tape: Girl Incesterrupted

As I wrote yesterday, despite the airing of the finale on Sunday night, and the bad taste it left in the mouths of many viewers, The L Word lives on  — online at Showtime in webisodes called  Interrogation Tapes. T ...more

Lesbians who watch TV and are actively looking for lesbian content will watch The Farm. Lesbians ...more

Rise Up, You Hung-Over, Dorito-Stuffed, Dip-Stained, Sacrificial Lesbi-Lambs!

To sum up the way many, if not most, viewers of The L Word's finale feel this morning, I need only steal a line of dialogue from Alice Pieszecki: "Thank you and fuck you." ...more

It was really awful. But now, at least my 'I Killed Jenny Schecter' shirt will never be ...more

The L Word Finale: Are You Up For A Letdown

William Shakespeare once said, "Expectation is the root of all heartache." Or maybe that wisdom came from a shrink I used to pay to tell me things I could just look up on Google. Whatever. The point is, it's true. ...more