Four Dangerous Seductive Words

Anyone who remembers George Carlin remembers his routine about the seven ‘dirty’ words you can never say on radio or television. I’m too much of a lady to say them in a blog.However, here are four dangerous, but seductive clean words we hear from financial advisors, surgeons, lawyers, mechanics, plumbers and others to whom we turn to for help or advice: “If all goes well…” "If all goes well"....more

Psychics - The New Financial Advisors

It would never occur to me to seek out financial advice from a psychic. But apparently, I’m missing an important resource with which to make financial decisions.  Financial psychics are thriving; in fact, many of their clients are other psychics.I know a psychic who lives nearby in a modest home. If she’s wealthy, she certainly doesn’t flaunt it, although she does own a shiny new set of tarot cards and a top of the line tape recorder so that clients can refresh their memories about her advice after the session....more

When Did "Economy" Become A 4-Letter Word?

When did words like "recession" and "economic downturn" and "financial holocaust" sneak their way into my vernacular? I'm not quite sure and yet I don't think I'm the only one. We're in a crisis, folks, and in the American family where mothers control a large portion of the finances this has become a concern to everyone of late. ...more

Dave Ramsey was the first person I interviewed as a TV reporter here in ...more

Winter Soulcare: beating the blues, financial and otherwise

Just last week I broke out my heavy scarf, and today I realized I will soon need thermals under my jeans. My friends, Winter is on its way. The rhythm of the natural word effects our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. We show a little skin in the Summer, and hibernate in the Winter. We fall in love during Spring fever, and feel full of gratitude in the Fall. Each sacred season brings us blessing and challenges -- mind, body, and soul -- and isn't it great to have wise friends along for the journey? ...more

I'm so excited to explore the resources you're sharing here. As we move into the dark season, ...more