Home Buyer Tax Credit Law Revised

Yesterday the Senate revised the Home Buyer's Tax Credit Law to extend the $8000 tax credit for first time buyers until the end of April 2010, with a closing by the end of June. They also raised the income limit to $125m per individual and $250m per couple. Additionally, they added a tax credit of up to $6500 for current home owners who have been in their house for at least 5 years, but want to buy a different home....more

FTC: Don't Get Scammed

Get-rich-quick schemes have always plagued our society. ...more

W&W: Can Saving the Economy Save Us From Spurious Sarah News?

So, sorry, Ms. Palin, but something happened on Wall Street to bump you off the front page. A little major market crash, that's all. Now, the candidates are scrambling to respond to Black Monday and the financial crisis; who's up to snuff on their economic policy? Hosts Ted, Maegan, and Teresa wonder if this help the campaigns concentrate on the issues and move beyond the personality attacks? ...more