Widowhood and Divorce are Biggest Stressors

You may have suspected it. The SRRS confirms it. Stress correlates directly and measurably with the chance of getting sick. Developed by Dr. Thomas Holmes at the University of Washington State Medical School, the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) assigns rankings to life changing events. Death of a spouse and divorce rank at the top of the list. Combined with the other factors on the chart that are natural companions to widowhood, the combined score of a widow catapults off the charts. ...more

Financial Strain Taking a Toll On Your Relationship

I’ve received a ton of emails lately asking me to blog about the state of the economy, and how financial stress within marriages today are at a feverish pitch. Even one of the comments I received was, “The economy will get better, but will my marriage still be in tact when it does?” Ouch, sounds serious....more

Pressure to BUY

Do you ever feel as if what you buy says something about WHO YOU ARE? I think a lot of women define themselves by WHAT THEY LACK and not WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE... I myself feel A LOT OF PRESSURE to own a home...I just wrote about it on http://specialktreatment.blogspot.com/, asking Do you ever feel as if you are just perpetually renting your life? As if you do not outright own it securely, or are just occupying space? The american culture tells us that we don't count unless we own something...  Do you agree? ...more