V is for Victory

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Mid-Life, Mid-Transition, and Mid-Crazy ~ How do you stop the Crazy Train?

Lately I have been stuck in my transition.  Not seemingly moving forward, but not going backwards either.  It's been an agonzing stall, as far as I can see it.  I have lots of creative ideas.  Made what I thought, was well thought out plans of actions to achieve and bring these ideas to light.  But yet have not seen any direct reaction from my purposeful actions.  It's become rather frustrating, and has brought me to tears on numerous occasions. Serious frustration and mental fatigue has set in at many moments....more


Glad you were encouraged @Isabel_Anders !  That makes my day.  Thanks for the commentmore


So often this question "are you out of your mind?" gets asked when someone is speaking or behaving irrationally. Our response to someone who is behaving out of the norm is "you need to calm down". There is also a inference that some type of detachment from reality is occurring. Essentially, the individual asking the question is concerned about the observable changes in their loved one's decorum....more

What Would You Like Your Life to Say About You

“It is better to allow our lives to speak for us than our words” - Mahatma Gandhi...more

Find Your Purpose. Find Success

Who are you?What’s your purpose in life?People spend thousands of dollars for self-help seminars, therapy, and books to help them answer those questions. They join religious groups, social groups, and professional organizations, searching for the answers.Finding your purpose is the first step to living a successful, satisfied, spiritual life.  If you believe in a higher power, it stands to reason that you’d believe your life has a higher purpose.Ask yourself: “In what capacity can I contribute?”...more