I Left My Career Behind to Become a Waitress & I've Never Been Happier

I had a good income, holidays off, and full health insurance. My career helped me afford a reliable car, a drink in my hand by 5:00pm, and all the stability and safety I was always told to go after. ButI wasn't happy.  ...more
I loved this. Thanks for your perspective!more

Are you looking for a new job?

If you happen to be one of the 45% of US adults who are currently searching for, or plan to search for, a new job in the next 12 months, I’m begging you to take a moment before you submit that first application....more

Finding Balance – Literally

We always hear about finding balance – between work and home, family and career, mind and body, heart and head.My struggle for balance is more literal. My struggle for balance is about not finding myself on the floor with new bruises on my tush.A number of factors influence my struggle for balance. Various parts of my body are in quiet or open rebellion....more

13 Things I Learned From Facebook in 3 Months

It's been three months since I jumped into the world of social media, and I have to say, I'm coming to understand it in a way that's making it surprisingly enjoyable. Just kidding. It's all still totally absurd and anxiety-producing, and it has me worried about the survival of mankind as a whole. But it hasn't been all bad. Here's what I've learned. ...more
Facebook definitely seems to reach a wider audience. I didn't realize how important it was for a ...more

5 Pieces of Advice on Success, Among Other Stuff

Hi Readers,A few things on my mind this week.1. My study. It's a disaster area. I'm waiting for missing parts to arrive before the husband gets my new shelves up and I can finally organize my stuff. Not that I’m going to be a neatnik. It’s not in my genetics. I like some mess. But I like it organized. Organized mess. ...more

8 Tips to Go From Burned Out to Badass

Around this time last year, I was totally exhausted; I had spent the last two years working 60-70 hours a week. I was often up at 5 a.m. with a cup of coffee in hand, answering emails, solving problems, and generally just getting stuff done before showering, taking the kids to school, and heading into the office. ...more
You are absolutely welcome. I love what you wrote: "Stop, Breath, Be." What a great mantra for ...more

The Other Side of Time

Due a series of interesting circumstances, I have had the great fortune of spending 2 hours per week with a 95 year old woman, in order to assist her with a memoirs project and some sorting of personal papers. What began as a favour to a friend has become close to two years of opportunity for both of us. I have always wanted to write and I am fascinated by people, she is a former journalist and has the urge to share parts of her own story. It sounds simple enough but I admit it has brought me  a rather sharp comeuppance about the foolishness of assumption....more

That Girl

She stood about hip-deep in the lake, letting the waves nudge her from behind as she stared into a realm only she could see. Her knee-length red satin boy shorts clung uncomfortably and her black band t-shirt was almost too small for her rounded frame. Her chin-length hair half-curled, mostly in her face. Her two companions frolicked a few yards away, all gangly-limbed in first bikinis, curves just starting to appear , full of shrieks and giggles. She had her back to them, quietly lost in her own thoughts....more

Would You Rather be Right or Happy?

So often in my life I feel compelled to fix things.  Broken things, rusty things, tattered, torn and wrinkly things.  When friends come to me for advice, its hard not to offer up a solution, its the problem solver within me.  Most likely this part of my nature is the reason I am working to become a therapist. ...more
This is SO spot on! I'm horrified at how people feel the need to correct (aka humiliate) on ...more