How Twitter Can Help You Find New Clients

Twitter is fast, serendipitous and often fun.  You can make contact with marketers, reporters and fellow creative types.  However, Twitter is more than just a tool to find out which roads are closed during a snowstorm.   It can open doors to you professionally too.  How can you use it to build your freelance business?    Step 1:  Look Professional ...more
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What You Need To Know About Online Contracting

The promises of online contracting sites like Elance and oDesk are alluring. Clients will come to you. You will have a selection of assignments to choose from. Easy invoicing! Get paid!  But is it worth it? Are these online contracting sites the secret to landing more assignments? Writers say that they are good for filling in the budget gaps -- but they aren’t perfect. On the Inside ...more
Sarah - this is a great primer for how to succeed in online work.  On Elance, over 3k new jobs ...more

Looking for Freelance Gigs? 5 Groups That Can Help

Vblogging is considered the new hotness for social media, because videos give people another way to consume content and searchengines love them. I’m experimenting with vlogging, so I created the video below to share some tips on finding freelance clients. ...more
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