A Hopeless Romantic

I believe in the fairy tale, whether it’s happened for me or not. I believe in happily ever after, even though it’s hard work. I believe in love at first sight, even though my story in that regard was a dismal failure after thirty years. I believe. It’s possible I won’t find my Mr....more

Give Yourself Permission to Find Your Joy

“Dream and give yourself permission to envision a ‘you’ that you choose to be.” – Joy Page...more

Beauty In Imperfection

When I lived in San Francisco my husband and I would frequent a small, local art gallery just a block from our apartment. It was one of our weekly activities usually stopping in before going out to dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants....more

A new adventure…Hang on tight…here we gooooooo…

Gain The Inside AdvantageLive More Deeply, Joyfully, and SuccessfullyHello, World!...more

4 Tips to get you through the infamous Traffic on your daily commute!

 I'm not sure if I've wrote about this on here yet, but I've started a new part-time job. I am really excited about it and I like all the people I've met so far, but before I can officially start working I have a month of training ahead of me. This training happens to be in Lakeland Florida, which is about 62 miles from me. Which in traffic time comes out to about a 1.5hr drive in the morning and a 2hr drive in the evening. Bringing me to a total of 3.5hrs on the road and A LOT of that time I'm barely moving....more
Commuting sucks! Ha. I have an hour commute each direction - so 2 hours of my life on the road. ...more

The Life of a Leaf

The trees are mesmerizing this time of year. Actually, it's a little dangerous because while I'm driving I tend to want to gaze their way instead of the road! Today, on the way home from grocery shopping, I found myself wishing I could brake in the middle of the street. Glorious little leaves in a multitude of colors were twirling in unison on the asphalt dance floor. It lasted mere seconds but it's been my favorite joyful moment today! Throughout the rest of the day, I've found myself soaking up the leaves each time I passed the window or stepped outside....more

An Extra Day

Who doesn't wish for more hours in a day?  I would guess Moms especially mutter this, as they juggle caring for their children, keeping up with the house, and especially for those with an added ball in the air who work outside the home.  Life is busy.  We all long for more time...an extra day.But what would you do with that extra 24 hours?  How would it best be spent, if only it magically appeared?  Maybe it would be nice to have an extra day just for ourselves...to be pampered, to relax, to rejuvenate.  As someone who longs for energy most every day, I...more

Experience Grace Under Pressure

In these tough times we’re challenged to move past the obstacles and live in grace. My friends showed us how:...more

Necessary Darkness

This is a time of unlimited growth and transition, or a time of infinite pain. The choice is yours.Darkness is a necessary part of life. Without it there would be no contrast showing us the light. Forest fires kill trees, that allow shrubs to grow. Shrubs feed wildlife. The forest doesn’t complain. It just continues on, without feeling sorry for itself, and grows. New plants evolve during this cycle. Some are fire retardant. Animals eat the insects that once grew in the trees that are now gone. It all works....more

Happiness Tips for Thanksgiving

I interviewed CJ Scarlet on my radio show today (www.blogtalkradio.com/intuitivecoach) and she shared timely information about how to be happy in general, and especially on Thanksgiving. CJ gave 3 steps to happiness and 8 principles to help us be happy and successful. Here’s a summary of the three steps:1. Stop wallowing in drama.2. Look around and see that everyone wants happiness.3. Help others to be happy....more