Surviving and Thriving Through the Holidays

The holidays can be tricky as a newly single person. Usually a time for family, and family traditions, we are made painfully aware that things have changed. Another reminder of days gone by. It’s important to create new traditions for yourself. If you have children, you might enlist them. What is particularly meaningful to you today?...more

Garden of Trust

Raise your hand if you have trust issues? Thank you, you may put your hands down now. I feel like I’m in very good company. Trust is an elusive character....more
That I would be completely infallible in my trust and have others trust in me again. I really ...more

Finding peace after loss

My friend Johanna lost her dad very suddenly when she was 26 years old. Through tears (for both of us), she talked about what she’s learned through six years of missing her dad and shared advice for others dealing with loss....more

How Do We Find Peace?

I was recently watching a show where Oprah was interviewing Marianne Williamson and they were discussing peace. Peace and love....more



Finding Perfect Peace: Joyce Meyer's Tips toward Tranquility

Every one of us needs peace in order to enjoy life. We must have some sense of tranquility in our daily lives in order to keep our stress levels low. Joyce Meyer shared a few tips, in her morning daily devotional, to help us develop a more peaceful lifestyle, and I want to share them with you here (along with my insight)......more

How Meat Loaf (almost) Saved My Marriage

OK.  Now where was I?  Two months ago, I fell into a vat of pain, black and viscous, deep anguish that made the surface of my brain ache and shivering tendrils of hurt to shoot through my limbs.  My blood sugar dropped to my toes and my body weight dwindled from low to lower as I skipped meals, too upset to lift a fork to my trembling lips.  I fought back tears in Target and wiped them from my eyes at the dinner table....more


      It is difficult to concentrate today. My thoughts keep returning to that fateful day ten years ago....more

A break from the mania.

Its 5:30am, my boobs are killing me. Time to pump. Put away half the milk, nipple the other half. Change the Dude and throw him into bed with Adonis. Grab my shoes, my iPod and ANOTHER sports bra and its time for a run. With all the jiggling and breathlessness, I don't enjoy my alone time much, until that last 1/2 mile. My second wind hits and I just want to keep going. Instead I turn towards home. Inside, I dump the iPod, kick of the running shoes and go to wake Maddy. ...more