Finding a pediatrician -- thorough research, or pot luck?

About 2 months before my daughter Alex was born, I found myself worried that I would never find a pediatrician.  Since I didn't have an obstetrician (adoption sort of obviated the need for one), I didn't have any professional that I could go to for a solid recommendation.  What was I going to do? ...more

When You Find A Good Pediatrician, Pass Them On!

I remember my last visit to my pediatrician, Dr. Monroe, when I was 13 years old. Dr. Monroe was a family staple who was passed down to us through our older cousins. From my first visit, when I was only a few weeks old to my last in my teen years, my pediatrician became more like a family friend. Not only was she my doctor, but also my siblings and other family members. On her office wall you could see pictures of all the Callahan children, from first violin recitals to high school & college graduations. During my last visit she gave me a gift. ...more
Yesha, this is such a sweet story! I am so glad that you had a great relationship with your ...more