Easy Tips to Love Your Job Again

It’s Monday morning, and I’m rushing through an hour-long work-out so I can get back to my desk. I run through my apartment, sloppily grabbing a snack and a sweater on the way, all while my mind races with excitement, ideas and projects I’m dying to start. I’m that in love with my work; to the point where other priorities often take a back seat to my passion and dedication to it....more

Three Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Do you do a million different things knowing the whole time that if you don't concentrate on just one of them, you'll  never become the person you were meant to be?  Well, here's how to figure out what is your one thing now.Perhaps you paint, and you do it quite well thank you.  And you love, love love color, and you love the feeling you get when you have finished a drawing or a painting.  And you've spent hundreds of dollars on art supplies over the many art classes you've taken over the years.  There's only one problem  You don't actually love the act of drawing and painting itself, just everything else to do with it....more

Seek and Ye Shall Find

As I look out the window on this spring day, I am entertained by my not so friendly neighborhood squirrels. Undisturbed by my cat Sesame, they seek their hidden treasures of food in our backyard, and they are not disappointed. They know instinctively where they’ve hidden their goodies. They are rewarded when they find what they seek....more

Discovering Your Passionate Purpose

Passion will always move you in the direction of your authentic self. ~Danielle LaPorte ...more

How to Manifest Your Reality

10 Signs That You're Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

I was inspired by a blog I read recently on the "25 Warning Signs That You Hate Your Job."  I've definitely been there, which is why I quit an unfulfilling career to form my own business.  It's a scary proposition, but I know I did the right thing.How do I know?  There are telltale signs every day, and they are unmistakable.Here are my Top 10 Signs You're Fulfilling Your Life Purpose:...more