Rediscovering your life’s pathway

“Am I doing the right thing?”I am asking myself that question more and more lately. In fact, we all probably are....more

Lost In The Wilderness: Finding My Purpose

How often do you find yourself stretched in more directions than you can count? Attempting to be all things to all people, leaving little time for self? I am without a doubt, guilty as charged. I recently walked past a mirror and barely recognized myself. Having lost a few pounds in the past few months, I am probably in the best physical shape of my post-childbirth life. Yay Me! However, the reflection in the mirror said, “Woman, your hair and your brows are in need of some dire attention!” I glanced at my nails and realized that a manicure and a pedicure were also very much in need....more
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Day One (without my mom)

Learning to be funny... The title of this blog was something I came up with quickly when Wordpress posed me with the question, "Blog title?". I wanted my writing to make people laugh, but I was afraid I was going to fail, so I wanted to convey that I had my training wheels on. My mother is the one who helped me start to grow past that feeling....more
I'm having trouble putting into words how much I love this.  It made me realize that the ...more

Going Home

I was born in the Pacific Northwest.Not really. I was actually born in Texas and grew up in the Southwest: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico. But when I graduated from college I moved to Seattle —trading drought for damp and chiles for blackberries....more

My Journey Into the Business of Yoga take a moment to click the link above and read my article about yoga and the business of yoga. Thanks!! xoxo...more

When you care for someone, every day should be Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day was, for many years, my nemesis. I know I am hardly alone in that opinion. It's a well hated day by many a single person in this country, as we are forced to watch a parade of wonder for something that we don't have. It's like being starving for days and being forced to watch people eat, and throw food away. Not a good feeling at all....more

Natalcho Who???

Hello World and Welcome! ...more


I really want to be sympathetic. To everyone. I do. But I am just not pulling it off the way I usually can. Maybe it is due to the fact that I am in a place in my life right this minute where I need to be more selfish. More all about me. I know, that sounds totally bitchy and beyond comprehension, but it is true. When you have spent your life being the giver, you sometimes get to a point where you feel like the life has literally been sucked right out of you... That you absolutely could not bend over backwards for anyone even one. more. time. ...more

Hello my name is...

You know those tags that people wear at reunions, meetings, or seminars? The ones you wore not so proudly on your chest that says “Hello my name is” …inserting your name.  I know when I had to wear those on (luckily) just a few occasions I always try to think of a spot to place it where it  A.) Won’t advert eyes to my tatas or should we say lack of tata area, or B.) Boldly state the thing I never really liked about myself…my name....more

Keeping My Qi Positive

Learning, growing, evolving...exploring all the possibilites for positive lifestyle changes is my thing....more