Do I Have A Voice? Can You Hear Me Now?

Perhaps one day I will have a voice, but for now I have voices. They are all mine.There are times when I write as a little girl with strong opinions who is still learning to use her mouth to form the right words.“Fank you.”“I fink fings ought to be done different.”“And den dey said fings, and den I got mad.”This is mostly a private practice, but it allows me to express feelings in a creative way. It allows me to have a slightly different point of view that is still authentic but easier to express....more

Best. Present. Ever

Best. Present. Ever.Oh Happy DayI have some exciting news to share – something that I’ve been wanting to do for years (reference this post here), is finally coming true!Well, first let’s back up....more

LOOKING DIFFERENT.....Why Being Different is a GOOD THING....

WHY YOUR LIFE LOOKS DIFFERENT….THAN EVERYONE ELSES… Have you ever wondered why your life looks so different than all the other people you know? Have you ever wondered why they do things differently than you? Have you wondered why they have different goals and dreams and you have your own…..? Have you ever wondered why they do them so differently than you do? I believe the answers lay within our Divine Assignment….Everyone’s Divine Assignment in life is different....more

A Brief Introduction to this New Blog, Which is about Coming out of the Darkness

Hello wonderful people,This is my second time writing a blog. The first time was a travel blog, about backpacking in India. That was 5 years ago now. Since then, I have always kept thinking about blogging, because I have learned a lot and wish to share what I learn, and how I learn it, with others....more