It’s Wednesday night, and the kitchen needs sweeping, 2 loads of laundry wait folding and another 3 need to be done. You’ve just gotten home from work with the kids, one child has a soccer game in an hour, and you’re other needs homework done. There is no ready dinner in the house, and your husband or partner is not available. Another Wednesday night, and oh, you have a big work proposal due on Monday. Looks like laundry waits, fast food in the car for dinner, homework done at the game, and a working weekend....more

Ready!Set!Goals! It's Never too late!

The clock is ticking. The New Year is here. What are you waiting for? Ready. Set. Goals! Hold up, not so fast. Let’s not get off to a false start or it’ll be Déjà Vu all over again, another year of setting New Year’s resolutions that we don’t keep. According to Forbes.com only 8% of us are successful at keeping resolutions, so Happy New Year your not alone! ...more


I have to start this post by saying that I am so glad I found this site because Blogging is SOOOOO cathartic!!!  Can I get an “Amen!?”  ...more


I'm so glad your blogging ! You crack me up ! xomore


A LIFETIME OF HAPPINESS.....Is there truly such a thing as a "Lifetime of Happiness...." Some may ask "Is that possible?"There are people who seem to always be happy, but are they truly happy? Have they never experienced unhappiness?...more

Why Doing One More Thing is a Recipe For Disaster

I often do things when I’m really, really tired or really, really in a hurry. Every year come December 31st I promise myself that I won’t do this anymore no matter the temptation. My one more thing is always a recipe for disaster.I have burnt my hair, chafed my heels (worn the wrong shoes), forgotten the keys to my office, gone to work with two different shoes (yes this happened), lost phones, left notebooks, just to name some of the consequences....more

The Art of Saying No (to More Than Just My Kids)

The economy has touched so many people's lives. Many families have been forced to make hard decisions. Many moms have gone back to work to help out. In our school, volunteer positions are not getting filled. My life is full of many blessings, one of which is working from home. My husband shoulders the responsibility of our financial well being. Although I'm constantly busy, I feel guilty. Guilty that I don't have to juggle a full time job and children. That guilt propels me to say Yes, to try and make up for all the missing volunteers at school and to ease my own guilt for being luckier than others....more
Thanks for your comment, Lynnette. You had me laughing when you headed off to do the flyer. I'm ...more

Just Breathe

Taking time to smell the roses, to take a deep breath of life, is important. This is day three of my five days of getting away. I can say I've finally decompressed. My body has accepted the time difference and altitude change, sea level all the way to 9,600 feet and back to 5,495. I can finally breathe, figuratively and literally....more
We must be separated at birth... :-)more

Momprenuer Moments - Completely unplugged family time

Everyday I wear so many hats…I’m a mom to a beautiful 5 year old girl, a partner to a fantastic man, a business owner (and therefore marketer, accountant, secretary and more), a photographer, an employee (part-time lab tech for Black’s Photography), a housekeeper, a chauffer, a cook, and more! ...more

Embracing Couches: Learning To Relax

There's something seriously wrong with me. I cannot sit on a couch. I'm someone who has to stay in perpetual motion or risk melting into a pile of overtired, overworked goo. I don't sit down for fear my mind will register the need to take a break.I joke with my husband that he has a magnet in his butt that immediately engages with the matching magnet in the couch if he's within ten feet of it. This isn't entirely true, but my husband does find plenty of time in the evening and on weekends to sit on our couch....more