5 fabulous finds

1.DayOne publish! i have talked about DayOne here and how it's such an awesome journal app that sync across your devices....more

Niche Private Sale Sites

Sure. Deal-of-the-Day (DOTD) and Private Sales sites are ubiquitous now. Most everyone I know is subscribed to Groupon, LivingSocial, ideeli and some other fledgling local and fashion & travel deal sites. As much as we, customers, enjoy a good deal, it's getting dizzying to navigate the DOTD landscape (which is why we recommended an aggregator like DealRadar.com which we wrote about last year. It helps a little). And, we are experiencing some DOTD fatigue......more

If I Could Shop in Only One Store For The Rest of My Life.....

It would be Layla Grace.  Hands down.  They drew me in last night with these earrings on the email ad: ...more

Dumpster Diving

I am back.  I took a few days off from posting and I feel much better.  Trying to post every day and live my life at this moment is taxing.  I also apologize for not visiting my friend blogs and commenting.  I promise I'll be there shortly.  I've just had a hard time focusing my mind on anything I read and want to give everyone my full attention.  Now on to the topic of this post...   Dumpster Diving...just look what The Hubby found while throwing our trash in the dumpster as we were leaving the cabin.  He us...more

That's too funny!more

Grocery shopping at the dollar store

I've started stopping at the dollar store before heading on my way to the regular supermarket. Since it's on the way, why not? I went the other day to pick up some groceries. It always surprises me what products I can find there for a fraction of the price.Take this box of hot chocolate, for example.I took a picture of the same product at my regular store, for 4x as much. ...more

Going to the super market to use my coupons..

gonna go shopping today and use my coupons.  Especially like to double my P & G ones up gto $3. for a savings of $6 total!  Not bad,covers the gas atleast,lol.. ...more

10 Must-Have Trends (Made You Look!)

In just a few short weeks, September magazines will be hitting newsstands and dropping with a thud on doorsteps nationwide. Always the fattest issues of the year, the fall fashion glossies are often too heavy to cart anywhere (so much for airplane reading) and too thick to fit inside of a mailbox. (During the first week of August, my apartment building assigns a whole table in the lobby to stacks of magazines.) ...more