salami snack

This is such a great and easy snack to make, you’re gonna love this (unless your vegetarian or vegan) !Ingredientssalami (we used uncured genoa salami), each slice cut in halfcream cheese, softened (we used Philadelphia cream cheese)golden pepperoncini, sliced (we used Mezzetta golden pepperoncini)Directions...more

Japanese Style Chicken Tenders

This is a variation of my Chicken Tenders Recipe, I mention it’s versatility and I do love to be right!    ...more

Try this potluck theme!: Finger foods

Call me nerdy (I am) but, in my opinion, at least, Scattergories is the key element in any good party.Oops, I got Scattergories confused with vodka....more

Hand Rolls: Great Morning Option for Picky Eaters On the Go

We have some busy mornings during the week in our household. Whether it's preschool, scheduled activities, play dates, or just running errands, it is nice to have a go-to breakfast to feed the kids when we're running low on time. ...more

Asian-Inspired Chicken Drumsticks

Let's be honest here. My interest in March Madness is solely in the food. I currently live in Germany and having a basketball viewing party just wouldn't fly. I can imagine it now: "March Madness? Who is mad and why? Why have a party for this?" But that's all right. I can make my party food and eat it myself! More for me. ...more

Wonton Mozzarella Sticks -- Funky Game Day Finger Food

Back when Georgetown had a chance at winning the NCAA tournament, my very fun office had lunch at a local sports bar to watch them play. Someone ordered cheese sticks, which turned out to be mozzarella sticks in spring roll wrappers. I was inspired! My wonton version with marinara dipping sauce is fantastic and crave-worthy. Five people wolfed down this plate in record time! ...more
Mmm these look good!more

Easy Game Day Dip Options

Are you ready for the Final Four? Let's get ready to ruuuumble! Okay, I must admit: I'm not all that into basketball. But I am into any excuse for game-day food. I'm also not into toiling away in the kitchen while everyone else snacks happily in front of the TV. But I am into sitting in front of the television and chowing down alongside my friends. Not into: prepping for hours and hours right before a party. Into: make-ahead, easy-peasy appetizers. ...more

Chicken Omelette Rolls a Healthier Game Day Snack

What’s better than inviting a bunch of good friends over to cheer for your favorite basketball teams over a few delicious snacks and appetizers? As a big foodie, I think the madness should not only be on the basketball court but also in your kitchen! This is a perfect time to use your culinary creativity to surprise your guests. ...more

Mumbain Chickpea Battered Fried Potato Balls (Batata Vada)

The older I get, the more I see that life is about journeys and not destinations. While walking our paths up and down through many seasonal changes, we say “good bye” to a lot of the people who we love. Luckily, we often see them again at a new one of life’s cross-roads. Last week I had the surprising pleasure to reconnect with some of my childhood friends from 30 years ago. Getting back in touch with them felt like opening a gift box filled with favorite childhood collections that I had forgotten about....more

BLW and Halloween Updates

It's an update of sorts, both food/kid related, and kid/Halloween related.  Either way, I guess I'm covering an update for each kid so it's all good! Except I'll apologize now (again, and again) for my shoddy sewing (couldn't sew a straight line even with the fanciest Project Runway machine), and my up-close pics!...more