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Lemon Nail Whitening

I use lemons in my kitchen for cooking almost everyday and  I really enjoy half a lemon squeezed into my water.  Needless to say, there are juiced rinds of lemons around almost everyday and it's the best thing that ever happened to my nails.Read more......more

Deadly Weapons a.k.a Baby Fingernails

If you were to come over today, not only would you be hit by an avalanche of toys and knick-knacks, you'd probably walk away with some pretty severe lacerations. Piggle is walking around with razors on the ends of his fingers. In other words?I haven't cut his nails in awhile....more

Put Me In, Coach

Recently, before a Saturday lunch date, I reclined on my deck, enjoying the morning sun and letting my newly painted fingernails dry. I'm not a really girly kind of girl -- in fact, I'm more of a gotta-make-the-effort kinda girl -- so I only want to mess with the entire process one time on my way out of Primperville, right after I brush my teeth. In fact, once my nails are painted, I touch nothing, do nothing till the universe assures me they are drier than a river bed in Arizona. So when my Dallas Cowboys-crazy daughter, TG, wanted to throw the football around, I declined so as not to screw up the righteous new paint job. ...more