Beneath the Ashes

“The fire which seems extinguished often slumbers beneath the ashes.” ― Pierre CorneilleI've been debating all day whether to write this or not but I'm still thinking about it so I guess I will go ahead....more


NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014Friday, March 28, 2014 How old were you when you started your first diary?~~~~~~~~I received my first diary when I was eight or nine years old. I wrote something in it every day. At first, I wrote little snippets about my day, maybe a poem here and there, and some days I wrote what I was feeling.My second diary was much like my first, but I found I needed more space to write in, so I went to notebooks. I filled many notebooks with poems, my feelings, and short stories or story ideas. My notebooks soon became boxes of notebooks....more

Trial by Fire

Do you work well under pressure?Trial by fire? Yes, I’d say that’s how I live my life. Some by choice, some by chance.I do my best work under pressure. At the last minute. When everything that could go wrong did. When absolute and utter failure appears inevitable, yes, that’s when I do my best work.But I’m wondering about trial by fire. Really? If I were tried by fire would the work I have done survive or be burnt up?...more

another yearly milestone gone

Well, thats bonfire night over with, we went to the local pub for ours again this year, then had a small box of fireworks at home along with the traditional pie and peas and parkin. How did you celebrate? ...more

The light within...Ignite your fire

 People are always looking to others for inspiration and guidance. Mentors are a valuable assets, don't get me wrong, but if a mentor is truly inspiring they will ignite the fire within you. For you gain light from the fire's glow not the wood with which is burns.  Mentors are the wood. The match a tool. These things provide the foundation to ignite the fire. They are not the product...the product is the fire....more

An emotional run

As most of you D.C. denizens already know, an iconic, old-school hardware store in Capitol Hill burnt to a crisp last night. The neighborhood is heartbroken.The smell of smoke hung heavy in the air last night, but I hadn’t yet seen the damage firsthand until I went out for a post-work run today. I planned my route to finish near Frager’s Hardware, about a half-mile from my house.In person, it looked just as it had in pictures. Still, stunned grief pierced me instantly. The brick facade of the building remains, but behind it is just a pile of debris....more

A Side of Charcoal

Growing up, my dad was a minister in the Methodist church, which meant every summer we would ...more

Dissapointed in Humanity

If you haven't heard on the news, there is a huge fire burning up a part of central Washington state. It grew from 2000 acres to 20,000 acres overnight. It has consumed 70+ structures (homes, barns, sheds, etc.), and has displaced not just humans, but animals of all kinds. ...more

The Wine Diaries-Fire!

My blog post is about my recent brush with fire.  How would you react to a fire in the middle of the night?  What are 4 things you can do right now to better prepare yourself for a midnight emergency or fire?  My story and a wine recommendation to go along with it. for visiting....more