My Boy Will Never Watch MacGyver

Yesterday was a picture perfect day here in New England; the sky was clear, the breeze was cool, the sun was shining. I was planting seeds in my veggie garden and humming a happy tune....every day should be this peaceful. My son had a friend over, Trace, who is goofy cute, has a crooked bowl cut, freckles and is polite...polite...polite! My daughters want to adopt him. I love talking with him and he laughs at my husband's silly jokes....more
 @HomeRearedChef You're making me feel so much better, my boy is normal! more

Sleepwalking and Fire!

I’m glad I can spot these slippers in the dead of night.  They’ve been getting a lot of use lately....more

Laptop....Beware of the danger.

A couple lost their 25 year old son in a fire at home on June 4th. The son who had graduated with MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison two weeks earlier had come home for a while. He had lunch with his dad at home and decided to go ...back to clean up his hostel room. His father told him to wait, to meet his mother, before he went back for a few days. He decided to take a nap while waiting for his mom to come back home from work....more
Good advice. We have a laptop that we leave on our dining room table that has a quilted ...more

The New Kindle Fire: Do We Love It?

There's a new gadget out there, just in time for holiday shopping.  But is the Kindle Fire right for you?   ...more
My 2 1/2 year old does great with it. My 1 1/2 year old has even gotten his hands on it and ...more

The feminine fire

"The feminine fire is a primordial, elemental force that is powerful beyond our wildest imaginings." - Teri Degler  ...more

When the Wind Blows...

It was nearly 20 years ago my world was turned upside down when my second child was born, I had no clue the words Apgar scores would mean so much and that lead me to write the 3 part series the hardest thing. ...more

Astrology: More Than Just Sun Signs

The 12 Astrology signs have particular characteristics assigned to them but in addition, they are also grouped into 4 “Elements”.  The traits that are associated with Fire/ Water/Air/ Earth add depth to the personality of a Sun sign. We are not one dimensional. We have Astrological layers! ...more

Naughty George living the high life

Now I understand why dogs aren't extinct. That joint venture with humans really paid off. P.S That black blob in front of the fire is Naughty George in case you were wondering.Annie (Lady M) x...more

I just made your line my quote on FB...Gave you full credit, however.

francesca maggi ...more

What the Neighbor Girls Did

This is a post about loss and riches. About tears despite immense gratitude. And about the kind of love for neighbor that binds us all together.   But first, let me tell you a story of how four little girls made a grown woman cry. ...more

A friend on Twitter pointed me to your post, and I just wanted to reach out. I lost my house in ...more