Before the Weather Hits: How to Make Your Own Emergency Survival Kit

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Volcanic explosions. Floods. Tornadoes. Fire. Terrorist attack. There are any number of events that can turn your life into a fight for survival. You've got a better chance of winning that fight if you are prepared. ...more

Thanks so much for the post and all the tips. With the holidays around the corner, I am ...more

On Fire, Evacuating, and Being the Other People

Hurriedly packing bags, gathering important papers and pictures, and preparing kids and pets to leave home is not the way someone wants to spend their Sunday evening....more

Chadds Ford landmark restaurant, Jimmy Johns on Rt 202, famous for their hotdogs-- burned down this morning.

Benjamin Daymon's Tastes & Travels   Chadds Ford landmark restaurant, Jimmy Johns on Rt 202, famous for their hotdogs-- burned down this morning.

Dear God, I Still Don't Know!

I came across some notes I had scribbled when I was in grade Vll. I found this.   Dear God, You are weird. I don’t get you. You don’t add up. You are the Controller of the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain. You are manifested in the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain. You are the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain You have laws that we mortals should live by, but You make and break them at will....more

All That Matters: Women's Voices For Change

by Susan Johnson ...more


Their hair smelled of woodsmoke, their fingers were sticky with marshmallow. Firelight danced and flickered on their faces as she made up a song about roasting marshmallows and he strategically added a few of them to the top of a log, so we could watch them swell to the size of baseballs and flame ...more

This is a gorgeous piece of writing. Haunting, it echoes of the sadness I see and read in so ...more

Let's Have S'More Fun!

Remember roasting marshmallows over the fire as a kid? Do you like your marshmallows slightly toasted or do you burn them to a blackened crisp? I’m a “slightly toasted” gal myself. My kids, however, compete to see who can keep their marshmallow burning the longest without it falling off the stick. And, they would ask, what is the point of roasting marshmallows if you don’t make s’mores? In fact, they wonder, what is the point of building a fire if ...more

It Merely Waits

Today I read the work of a poet who asked himself if his music was gone. Music is a bulb, big seed of a plant, which sometimes lies beneath the soil and snow of many long winters. Spring does come around again and again and all that is needed is one penetrating ray of the warm sun to tickle the bulb to life again. The music is not gone. It merely waits. The poet's questioning brought to mind a conversation initiated two years ago by my oldest daughter. Mom, you used to have so much fired inside you. What happened to that fire? ...more

Our First Disaster

The eerie Santa Ana winds are dying down and so is the sense of doom they seem to carry. The fires still burn, but the spread has slowed, my mom is back in her home, and the local news is actually signing off to allow for primetime network television (God forbid we miss our "So You Think You Can Dance"). I even went in to work for a few hours today, though I was the only one in the building. But don't get me wrong - things here will probably never get back to "normal" again. ...more


I am not alone in my worry over the fires in California. When you know someone there, it makes it seem closer. I know they feel like the world is coming to an end. I pray for rain. ...more