7 Things To Do Before You're Laid Off

 Job security, just like the Betamax, can be considered ancient history.  Unfortunately, lay-offs are all too common and the unemployment rate just keeps getting higher and higher.  Short of hitting the lottery, how can you be prepared in these unpredictable times? Even if you think you’re safe, and let’s face it, unless you’re the sole proprietor, no one’s safe, do these seven tips. While it won’t help you keep your job, it will help you be better prepared mentally and financially if that pink slip finds its way into your in-box. ...more

Soulcare for the Sacked

A few days ago my husband sat down heavily besides me with a drink in his hand and said, "I feel like I've been on a week long vacation -- and it SUCKED." ...more

I know how you feel. Both my husband and I are unemployed. He has applied to over 350 ...more

I Am A Writer.

I never called myself a writer. I never thought I was good enough – clearly limiting myself only by my own battle with perfectionism. I pursued 12-year career in advertising where writing was the PS – rather not the body – of my life. Finally, they fired me and I found myself in a moment of mental liberation. I was forced into a crossroads of low risk and nothing to lose. With fear eliminated from the equation, I took a chance. I decided that yes I was going to define myself as a writer. Like I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend. I am a writer. ...more

I hated writing at school, so writing never came up as something I would do.

But ...more

Take a deep breath. It will work out.

Life has taught me that expectations are guaranteed assurance for disappointment. I have spent countless hours of my life predicting and preparing for situations, many of which never arrive. I look for exits in unfamiliar locales and questionable strangers have my eyes darting in all directions. I’ve prepared dozens of scenarios for every late night phone call from every possible area code. And why? The situations are rarely a threat. The weird person passes right by me without notice, the late night phone call turns out to be the wrong number. ...more


Getting fired last month was the best thing that had happened to me all year. I mean don’t get me wrong. For the first two hours after that bitch∗ terminated me I sobbed with my whole body. Heaving up and down, I could barely utter a word. My dad, my boyfriend and my assistant bore the brunt of my hysteria. They reassured me that this was for the best; they reminded me how miserable I had been for the last year and a half. This was a good thing – a great thing. But still – they were the ones rejecting me. This was quite a beating for my ego to withstand. I was hurt. ...more

I too fought a losing battle with a company I was a part of.  It is hard to give and give ...more

10 Signs You're About To Get Fired and What To Do About Them

We all know the signs; whispering, cold shoulder treatment, discretely placed pink slips. It’s not hard to tell when you’re headed to the unemployment line but what do you do during that awkward time before you get the boot? Here are 10 ways to handle the stress: ...more

"But I Can’t Sell!"

Most people who start out in marketing say they can’t sell. I said it, too. After some experience with shameless self promotion, I still couldn’t sell. Then one conversation changed my life, and made me finally understand all the marketing lessons I’ve been taking. ...more