I thought I Was Electrocuted!

On July 19th, a post about fireflies was published on the blog, Two Teens and Their Mama. Reading it reminded me of a long-forgotten moment in time.FirefliesEvery few years my family would travel to Pennsylvania, to visit my grandparents farm and spend time with our relatives. My sisters and I always looked forward to catching fireflies, because they did not exist where we lived in Alberta....more

A Reminder to Self: Simple Magic

After another morning (and a sleep-in Saturday, no less!) of being woken by the repetitive, droning sound of a big truck's backup beeping as its operator moved piles of dirt from one part of our street to another, I thought another reminder of urban serenity and simple magic was in order. Hope you enjoy reading about my experience as much as I did living it. Simple Magic ...more

The Firefly Effect: The Disappearance of Childhood

“Hey look! A firefly!”My kids scampered off into the duskly shrouded park to chase the lone intermittent yellow illumination, as my husband and I sat listening to the music of Cornet Chop Suey’s free concert....more

30DOC, Day 16

We arrived home last night just as it was starting to get dark. As I was filling my watering jug in preparation for giving my herbs and newly-acquired Martha Washington geraniums a much-needed drink, my husband said mysteriously that there was a surprise for me outside. He refused to tell me what it was, just that it would be a good surprise and that I would have to find it for myself. ...more

(VIDEO) Lightning Bugs and Fireflies: What They Look Like, How to Attract Them

In my summer childhood memories, fireflies are the sparkly, dancing background scenery. Not always a background player, I also have memories of chasing, catching and releasing the glowing little bug. When I learned that someone at BlogHer had never seen a firefly, I really couldn't believe it. I had just introduced the insect to my youngest son two weeks ago, and he giggled as it lit up while it crawled all over his fingers. I figured that everyone not only knew about fireflies but had seen and handled them. Turns out I'm wrong. ...more

I live smack in the middle of agricultural country. (middle Tennessee ) one hour south of ...more