New Tech Toys for your Blog or Browser and iPhone

Before Instagram, to send a photo from my phone, I had to take the photo and then open some other app like Twitter to post it where I wanted it. With Instagram, as soon as I take a photo with the app, it shoots out to either Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – or all three at once – depending on how I set it up. ...more

does include technology, right? I'm not sure why people think its scary - I find it fascinating, ...more

BlogHer Add-ons for Firefox

Do you want an easy to way to keep up with all of the new content on Do you use Firefox? If you've answered yes to both of those questions, then I've got some really great news for you. Two brand new BlogHer add-ons for Firefox have launched! We've got an awesome tool bar that let's you access your personal account, all of the most recent content and even Chatter right from your browser's toolbar. And, there's a new BlogHer search add-on that lets you search BlogHer from your browser, too. Here's how they work: ...more

For whatever the reason , I had been unable to bookmark Blogher. Now, with the add on ...more

Say Hello to the Open Source Decade

Open Source has been around for quite some time, but odds are most people you ask won't know what "open source" is. This isn't because open source is obscure, but rather it has slipped into the mainstream, and unless you're already in the know, there's no real reason you will have noticed it. But open source is here, and it's growing. Linux maximus ...more

In Sri Lanka (and quite likely other third world countries), open source is huge. Where ...more

Productivity and design Mac apps I use every week (or thereabouts) ... and apps I don't

It's pretty safe to say I spend 12 hours or so a day on my Mac — or a Mac. So I thought I'd document, if not the what of the check I'm doing, then the how. Here they are. I tried to break them down by category, because nobody can really use a laundry list of 20 or 50 or 100 things presented in a blog post, just laid out there as if it were helpful. Excuse me for a side rant: ...more

Thanks for sharing all those links & apps. I've used some, but not all.

I've used ...more

My Yoga Online Gains New Full-Screen Streaming Technology has re-launched its website with improved Flash Streaming Video technology. The latest version of Flash Streaming Video not only improves the picture quality of’s video lessons, but also the speed and ease of use for PC and Mac formats. The new enhancements at ensure that all videos stream in full screen near DVD quality at DSL and cable accessible speeds on all web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. ...more

AOL Pulls the Plug on Netscape Browser

Netscape Navigator, long on life support at Time Warner’s AOL, has had the plug pulled. It will officially cease to exist on February 1, after a 13-year run. In its glory days, Netscape Navigator helped spawn Internet growth with its browser, which was the first to be commercially available to the public. Read more at ...more

Went to read your farewell, very nice. Yes, I have fond memories of NN as well. Just learned ...more