Independence Day Anxiety

This year  Independence Day felt just like any other day!We didn’t do anything special. We didn’t have a barbecue, have any visitors, or eat any special holiday foods.It was chilly a 62 degrees and cloudy. It was just a ho hum, hum drum, ordinary and kind of depressing day.But we were looking forward to taking Bethany to see the fireworks!...more
Vic_kies Sylvia Phillips That's too bad. I know the anxiety that causes you. I hope somehow we ...more

That time I got burnt by a sparkler

As the Fourth of July arrives, I am filled with childhood memories of summer: going to camp and catching fireflies, of riding bikes and when Dad fired up the grill because it was too hot for Mom to use the oven every night. I can even remember the one summer there was a lunar eclipse and I was allowed to stay up and watch it. ...more

Episode 35: Remember, Remember the 5th November

Good old Guy Fawkes. Thanks to his botched attempt to blow up the House of Lords and King James 1st with it, we get to celebrate November 5th with fireworks and bonfires, which stems from the celebrations that occurred after the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605....more
4dframework Thank you for your comments. I do love tradition and wanted to acknowledge the date. ...more

Kicking it back

Jim is out on his bike taking in the crowds down here that are waiting for the fireworks that will start in about one and a half hours.The girls and I are here, resting after a good hike this afternoon in an old golf course that the state has turned back to an Environmental area,that is,they are letting it turn back into a forest! There were new pine trees everywhere, and we saw a bunny but the Kasia girl was sniffing up a storm so the other animals are definitely there....more

How to Keep Pets Safe During Storms and Fireworks

There are only two things Fuzzy hates, thunderstorms and fireworks....more
I so appreciate you posting this, JoAnne!  More pets end up in shelters from having run away ...more

Sleepy Thursday


Is it the 4th of July? No it's still June!

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the fireworks, picnics and spending time with family and friends.  What I do not love is when my neighbors start shooting off fireworks at night at the beginning of June.  The closer it gets to July 4th, the louder the fireworks get.  Yesterday evening at around 10:30pm, there was a very large bang.  It was so loud that I jumped in my seat.  Then I here crying from both of my kids bedrooms about the very loud noise and how scared they are to go to sleep. ...more

another yearly milestone gone

Well, thats bonfire night over with, we went to the local pub for ours again this year, then had a small box of fireworks at home along with the traditional pie and peas and parkin. How did you celebrate? ...more

Late Afternoon Sky

I have a habit of taking a lot of sunset shots. It could be that our Undisclosed location is on a coast known for its’ sunsets. The fur girls are with us for a final fling in our old stomping grounds- new ones are coming. So rather than go up in crowds to watch the sunset, we are in the back yard relaxing. There is a bit of a breeze and this way we enjoy nature in our own way. An added plus is Zush hangs with me during fireworks! Less anxiety for my girl. Enjoy the Fourth! ...more


Just a few tips today from the National Council on Fireworks Safety:...more