Give Yourself the Best Christmas Present Ever, Mom

Our first son arrived in the world just over one month before Christmas Eve. To say that I was still a little overwhelmed with being a mom for the first time when that Christmas rolled around is putting it very lightly. I would later be diagnosed with postpartum depression, but at that time, I thought I was just failing miserably. I didn't send Christmas cards. I didn't get gifts for all of the people who mattered to me. I didn't even have a large pile of presents for our little baby boy. I was so mad at myself that Christmas. I look back at that Christmas and just want to hug myself. ...more
I have a crazy toddler and I work weird hours - I definitely did not get any Christmas baking or ...more

The Single Ornament and the Little Tree

I was 44 when I celebrated my very first Christmas.  I prodded on with no idea of what I was doing.  My boss, at the time, presented me my very first ornament.  I still have it to this day; a lovely bell with pretty green and red ribbon.  I was very pleased.  I took it home and hung it on a plant; admired it and thought I was pretty darn cool.  Of course, I knew the obvious, presents were involved.  I went out and bought gifts for my daughter and her family and shipped the packages all off to Virginia.  I think I had more fun choosing and wrapping...more
 @sarahmichal  We sure did have fun, didn't we?  Slopping through life together trying to figure ...more

A new (VEGAN SUSHI) twist on an old holiday tradition

My husband and I met the first weekend of November in 1996.  He had just moved to Chicago.  My best friend from grade school was visiting from Florida. Her mother, who lived across the street from Dave’s folks in Florida, was also visiting. So they had the bright idea to introduce Dave and I. ...more