Online Dating First Date Rules

First dates are intimidating. You don’t know each other and you are trying to find out if the other person will like you. You are also trying to determine if the other person is the right fit for you. There are some men and women that flake out from going on first dates as they are scared of what will come out of it. To help you out, here are rules that will help you have an enjoyable date:...more

Warning: Don't Be Scammed Into Overpaying Your Taxes

There is a new and very frightening scam out there to get you to pay even more of your hard earned dollars to the IRS.  Unfortunately, I have learned of the reality of this scam because I’m the recipient of a letter from the IRS demanding I pay $2, 226 additional taxes based on an inaccurate Schedule 1099-C filed from a less than reputable company....more

Why My Husband Cringes When I Pick Out a Movie

My husband and I dated nearly four years before we said, "I do."  Over the course of our courtship, we had countless great dates--a trip to San Francisco, him serenading me at a jazz bar, trips to the theater...but there's one that I will absolutely never forget: our first date. In addition to the wine and good food that is included on most first dates, ours also featured scenes of decapitations, blood and gore.  Romantic, right?  Read why 10 years later, we still laugh about it...and how I was able to cross something fun off my "mini-bucket list"....more