What I Learned By Having Sex on the First Date

We are all grown up enough to know that not every date we go on is going to be exactly the same. Some are going to make for great stories because you had to tell the guy your lips weren't chew toys. Some are going to end after one coffee and an awkward handshake. Some will end in explosive orgasms and that is that....more
mryjhnsn Throw them at the guys who say girls can't have casual sex. Can't forget them! :)more

Is the first date too soon to talk about sex?

“I don’t think this is a great first date conversation,” I said. “Why not?” He said chuffed, like my willingness to talk about sex with him was an indication of my willingness to have sex at all. Somehow our conversation about movies had lead us to the kind of woman who withholds sex in her relationship and uses it as a bargaining chip to get what she wants.  My date last night thought this was a good opportunity to segue into a pop quiz about how often I think a couple should be doing it....more