Why Didn't He Call? He Said | She Said

Why didn't he call me after our date? Our great date. It's the question we ask ourselves. This might be the true equalizer of women: we have all had that date that went well, exchange numbers and a sweet goodbye and then he never calls back. And it's this unanswered question of why didn't he call that plagues our thoughts....more
wa2k1999 I know :) Saw him once in Vegas. Good comic.more

When Should I Expect a Call After a First Date?

How soon after a first date should I expect a guy to send me a text? I’ve had guys text me right after saying they had a good time and others go days before sending me even a hello. Should I say something at the end of each date to make sure they’ll contact me?...more

Its Not How Long It Takes, Its Who's Taking You

THE MORMONWho, what, when, where, why and how?‘Who’ comes first because nothing else matters more....more

How to Survive an Awkward Situation

Although I have been blessed with many amazing qualities for which I am eternally grateful for, I have also been cursed with a few not-so-pleasant ones.  The good ones usually outweigh the bad ones, and I guess I appreciate that the universe has to somehow keep balance in the world. I just cant help but wish sometimes that I could trade qualities out, especially while making a first impression or on a first date....more

15 Ways to Dazzle Him on a Date- Part 1

Good for you, girlfriend. You’ve made the connection. You made eye contact, smiled that friendly smile, and he asked you out. You’re sitting with him at that coffee shop or restaurant. Now what? How do you make it a fun time and turn it into a second date? Dazzling him on the date takes a positive approach, finesse, skill and the ability to be your real self....more

The Faith Debate: A First Date Conversation Killer?

First dates can be difficult.  You’re worried about the way you look, what to say and whether or not your date is enjoying your conversation.  You’re also trying to decide if you like the other person enough to go out with them again. ...more

Butterflies in my stomach

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach?...more

From Play Dates to First Date

My son Jaden and his friend Ayanna have been friends with each other since they were 5 years old, and now they’re both 9. A few days ago, Jaden came home from school and told me that he caught Ayanna kissing another classmate.  All I could think to myself was, “Oh boy, here we go”. A 9 year old 4th grader kissing? What is the world coming to? ...more

my 6 year old has a girl in his class he says he is going to marry.  He asked if they could have ...more

Blogging Your Best and Worst Valentine's Day Experiences

It's coming around again: everyone's favorite failsauce greeting card holiday: VD Day! Wait, one too many D's. Here at Blogher we decided it would be fun to take a look at the best and the worst the holiday has to offer. Desperately in love, or just desperate? As usual, bloggers reveal all. ...more

VD has usually been a let down for me in some way or another.  Either forced displays of ...more

Looking for Love Online: Tips from Women to Men (for Women and Men)

The following are some basic rules for men who would like to date women, or for men who are looking to develop a relationship with a woman and not just jump from unsuccessful venture to unsuccessful venture. These rules apply to the part where you meet on-line, and then to the part where you hopefully meet in-person. ...more