Book review - The First Husband

If you are looking for a fun, interesting read this summer, may I recommend "The First Husband" for your poolside perusal?  I really enjoyed this book. And it takes a lot for me to enjoy a book, especially one as unassuming and unpretentious as Laura Dave's new work....more

The First Husband: Dare to Dream of a Different Life

When we first meet Annie Adams in Laura Dave's The First Husband, she has what looks to be a fabulous life. She's a travel writer who spends 200 days of the year exploring the world. When she comes home to Los Angeles, it's to her up-and-coming director boyfriend Nick and their dog. She's got all she's ever dreamed of and can hardly believe it. Then she has to go and muck it all up by watching Roman Holiday. ...more
I liked the theme of escape in this book and wrestling through whether Griffin was another ...more