How Could This Be The Impression You See?

MrsTee Unapproachable and uppity were the words that were usedTo say they stung would not be close to an abuseHow could this be the impression you see?I stay to myself, yes. Yet shyness and newness are what motivate meI'm actually rather awkward until we get closeYet you wouldn't know since you simply supposedSo what if I sit and wait... look and observeAre these the traits you place upon me as reserved?...more

First Impressions

(Originally published in Windsor Square on January 3, 2012.) ...more

First Impressions

I like to think that I come by my spontaneous-travel-hungry spirit quite honestly. My mom has always had a knack for adventure. Another similarity would be my appreciation of having people around. Comparably to my post-secondary experiences, my mom had a roommate while attending college in the city. They lived in a small apartment, close to school, on the sketchy side of the tracks. My mom and her roommate shared a comfy space and were slowly getting to know their neighbors in the building. A friendly woman lived beside them and a bit of a shaggy fellow lived below....more

Who Makes the First Impression for Your Business?

First impressions for your business are made by people that open doors, make cold calls, attend networking meetings and answer your phone.  They are delivered by your marketing communications like social media and websites.  How confident are you that your potential clients are greeted warmly and with a direct invitation to do business?...more

What Does the Brand of YOU Represent?

Branding is an art and science for marketers.  They blend the key attributes of a product, service or company and position them to appeal to a consumer....more
@jglass8 This is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for the well-written and concise ...more

My First Impressions of the Apple iPhone 4s

My first impression?  love.  oh yes.  Steve, thank you so much for this final gift to us. i'm sure there are more of your ideas being worked on at Apple, but let me say this about Siri, amazing.  She doesn't think I am appropriate asking her how old she is.  haha!    ...more
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Don't Mind The Awkwardness...Please?

I do this thing...Okay, so maybe it's a couple of things, but I digress. When I am in a new situation, you know, meeting new people, or something unfamiliar, I sort of freeze. Not physically, my body moves and flows, but my brain? It just shuts down. It goes into this mode that I can only describe as "The Stupid". ...more
Hahaha! Nice to meet you too! @DanielleBarnsleymore

Too Cool For School

It’s that time of year again—FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! I started this year a little differently. My 10 year is starting 5th grade, so I thought I’d save him some time by packing his back pack with all his new supplies and setting out his fresh new outfit the night before. He’s not too picky when it comes to what he wears, as long as the t-shirt has some sort of graphic on it and is exactly his size and the pants or shorts aren’t sagging off his butt. Pretty easy right? Boy was I wrong!...more

Silly ; )
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March Forth!!

It's been a long while since I've written an actual post. You know, one that lets you know how shit is going down in my neck of the woods, because, I'm sure you're just on the edge of your seats waiting to find out. So, as I mentioned before, things haven't been so great with my work situation and money was becoming an issue, so I started applying for a lot of service industry jobs about a month ago and now I have three jobs. ...more