Here I am on Day 1 - learning to blog

July 27, 2013Hello,...more

Introducing Me~ My very first blog post!

 Wow! My first blog post. I have been wanting to blog for awhile now and have just never found the time. Who am I kidding? As a new mom (and working full time) I still don't have the time, but every day I feel that life is moving so fast and I want a way to be able to document what is happening in my life. I often wonder if this is how all moms feel or if I am feeling more urgency because I am a working mom? If I could, I would be a Stay-at-Home-Mom in a second. But since that is just not in the cards for us right now, I am doing my best to balance my work and home life....more
I feel ya sister! I have been wanting to start my own blog for a while too... Everyday my mind ...more

Tired of Waiting- As Usual

We've had an interesting bond since childhood, my sister and I. She's mother hen, patient, giving, comfortable in her skin, and has always been too big for her britches. I, on the other hand, have spent the majority of my life flying by the seat of my pants, cutting corners and skipping steps, am very insecure, impatient, and usually figure things out a few years too late! We are an interesting pair!...more

This is me.

So, this is my first ever blog post. Its actually kind of making me nervous. What do I say, what if I am horrible at this, what if people make fun of me, what if my grammar is horrible?! Actually, all of the above will probably happen, but that is ok. I just wanted to write about our day to day life. Sometimes it can be funny. Alot of times its just your basic boring day to day stuff. So, on to who I am. I am Sam. Sam I am. Sorry, I couldnt resist. I am Samantha, aka Sam....more

I'm pretty sure I'd like your family. Laughter is sometimes the only medicine and those who know ...more

Indroduction. Meet the Mayhem Family!

Wow.. My very first blog!  Something of my own.  This never happens.. You see, I live in utter chaoss.  Let me introduce to you "The Mahem Family".  Why "The Mayhem Family" you ask?  Well.... you see, I belong to a family of cyclones, tornados, and whirlwinds big and small.  Where no day is like the previous nor will it be like the next.  Sometimes I feel like I am going to go insane but it all boils down to the fact that if it wasn't this way......more

I found being a SAHM was so much work, I opted to work more full time and my son's father (to ...more

Blog o sphere: Here We Come

Last year was full of firsts for us; our first babies; our first time entering the workforce as  mothers; our first resignations realizing that motherhood and the corporate world don’t always mix well, or the way you want; and the first time we started a business. It has been a tumultuous time!...more

Nice to meet you too...

This kind of thing could ONLY happen to me.   ...more

I think a lot of men get to a point  in their life where they realize that women do have ...more