Your Teen's First Job

 When my son got his first job, I wasn't prepared.  We were so preoccupied with finding jobs and filling out applications, I wasn't really ready for anything else beyond that.  The "we'll cross that bridge when we get there" attitude doesn't work with this situation! It takes good planning and patience.What we learned  they will need:A resume (with a cover letter for good measure)Black ink pensAn email address...more

Entrepreneurial Lessons from Your First Job

We have all had one. A first job. Someone looked you in the eye and said, “You are hired!” The decision confirms they trusted you to represent their business. They were willing to invest in you, train you, teach you how to earn a paycheck....more

Lessons Learned from Your First Job Ever

Think back... way back in time (or maybe not so far back depending on your age...) -- what was your first-ever job like? What did you learn? ...more

Oh Yes - thanks Wander... the exhilaration of your first-ever paycheck!

That would be fun to ...more

Leaving home.

I got the phone call three days before I graduated from college, four years ago this coming week. I was offered a job twelve hundred miles away and every independent, strong-willed fiber in my being yearned for it. It was only temporary; I would be back within six months of starting. The temporary made it safe and doable. I could move away from everything I knew to a place where I knew no one because it was temporary. I could play the role of a recent graduate off to make a name for herself because I knew I'd be back here soon enough anyway. ...more

No Worse for the Wear and Perhaps Significantly Better

I just read a New York Times article (" American Dream is Elusive for New Generation" 7-7-10) about a recent college grad, Scott, looking for work while residing with his parents in suburban New England after completing school debt free since his family paid his tuition.  He's not been able to find his dream job or any job that meets his standards, having just turned down a 40K position with an insurance company because, well, it wasn't the level of salary or responsibility he desired....more

Unexpected Memories Every Mother's Day

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

College Grads ~ Ready, Set, Shop for your Career Wardrobes ~ Decisions, Decisions ~ Have you heard of Infinity Shoes?

I was an Uptown Girl before there were Uptown Girls. When I was younger, I worked in the Insurance City in Hartford. My BFF from the office and I would take extended lunches, and cruise the best-high end department store in the city, all 11 floors of it on our lunch ‘hour.’ I was Imelda before she was known for her shoe fetish. (Read More) ...more