Her First Kiss

I watched my daughter have her first kiss today.  Not many parents get to experience that.  Of course, she’s only 3.75 years old.  After a few seconds of “aw, shucks, that’s so cute”, it sunk in and I realized this is only the beginning.  Nausea is the way my body has decided to absorb this event.  And, I’ve been nauseous all afternoon, in-between giggles, of course.   ...more

The first kiss

It was when our knees touched the first kiss felt complete.  It was long overdue, the ever patient Søren had waited over a decade for this embrace, and willed it with all his might over the last 6months ...more


Spontaneous KissKiss is a rather funny word. Think about it. Its more of a hiss than a tender affection....more

Girl's Weekend!!

This week’s installment is up of my blog on TheNextFamily.com – we’re finally up to our first kiss!!  Wooo hooo!!!  lol Check it out and leave some love: http://thenextfamily.com/2011/05/the-first-kiss/ Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

This Is My Story -Online Dating is the New Blind Date but Better-Worked Fabulously For Me

  Internet Dating - Welcome to the 21st century version of Blind Dating. Yes this is how I see it. My definition of Blind Dating is being in the dark pretty much about another person. In the past it would be a friend or someone we know recommending another person and we would go on a date to meet such a person. Not because a friend told us about that person would it necessarily mean he or she would be good for us. We went on a wish and a prayer that it would be what we desired. I find internet dating to be the same. Instead of being introduced to someone by family or friend we are introducing ourselves to someone based on advertisement or by someone whom we know has been lucky to find their partner through that process....more

My husband and I met on Match. I have many clients who have met their significant others online ...more

A Kiss to be remembered

Do you remember your first kiss? We all think it is cute when our toddlers kiss other toddlers. It's adorable. Except for daddies of little girls. They don't think it is cute at ALL. They see it as a threat. Yes, even at 2. Of course when your cute toddler turns into a teen and kisses someone, then it's not so cute. Especially for moms of teenage boys. It's weird. Awkward. Kind of an experience of TMI. Brain overload, so you turn around and squeeze your eyes shut tight,pretending you didn't see that and pray that they aren't having sex....more

Prince Charming and the Kiss

  What would you do if you discovered your six old son just had his first kiss?  I needed details and wasn't afraid to use bribery to get the who? what? when? and where? So here's the scoop!   http://belleofthecarnival.wordpress.com/2010/05/29/prince-charming-and-the-kiss/...more

Age-related Rites of Passage - Do They Exist Anymore?

It’s funny; when you are older, the fact that someone was two grades ahead of you in high school or is 10 years older, scarcely matters. In the teenage and even the college years, the difference of a few grade levels could make you grumble with anger when, say, you have to let your younger sister hang out with you and your friends.I The same separation of a few years could make you froth with anticipation when, say, an upperclassman notices you. ...more

Not being carded when you so wanted to be...that's no fun.  I'm not a drinker, ...more

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


I just read your post and I love it, just what I needed ...more

I seen it all! Now I want to see no more!

Break. Stop. Cease. Quit. Discontinue. Halt. Cut off! Give you an inch and you take a mile! It was a first, the very first time. ...more