A Child's Perspective on the 2014 White House Kids' State Dinner

Grillin' Out Veggie-Style Black Bean Burger.  "What! You Don't Like Tofu?" Stirfry.  Barack-oli and Mich-room Obama-lette.  These are just three of the 54 recipes that made it into the 2014 Kids' State Dinner at the White House on July 18, 2014. ...more
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Healthy School Lunches

 In 2010 the house passed new school-lunch nutrition requirements with the support of First Lady Michelle Obama. Now in 2014 the Republicans are trying to give major kickback to this program claiming it is costing schools too much money and any other reason to undue yet another change the Obamas have made....more

Joining Forces Continues to Support Military Families

Dr. Biden also recognized that while the White House continues to find ways to support military families, military bloggers -- moms or not -- have already stepped to the plate when it comes to being a constant source of support that knows no physical boundaries. "In today's social media world, you all as bloggers have expanded what it means to be part of your community. You have taken the military community to a whole new level," Dr. Biden pointed out. ...more

From the Oscars to Fallon, Michelle Obama is Everywhere... And That's Just Fine!

Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to the Oscars Sunday night, reading the winner for Best Picture live via satellite from the White House. Surrounded by White House military social aides, Obama was glamorous as usual, sporting a Naeem Khan stunner as she read out the Best Picture winner, Argo. But before you could say, “And the winner is…” the critics were off....more
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Heard Enough About Michelle Obama's Arms? The New York Times Moves On to Her Hips

The world's fascination with the first lady's toned upper arms has been well-documented. Apparently it's time to move on. To her hips. ...more

A Devastating Beauty

I posted this entry about the First Lady on my blog, blackwomanblogging.blogspot.com.  Someone suggested that I join BlogHer.  So here I am, and here's my post. ...more