How Do I Handle My Daughter's First Heartbreak?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My 10-year-old daughter (who's in 4th grade) really likes this boy. Recently, the boy spilled that he likes another girl in my daughter's class. My child is crushed! She stays in her room listening to Taylor Swift songs. When I TRIED to explain that it is only a crush, she took a pillow and hit me with it and continued to blast "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Help!...more
My youngest will be 20 in May.   Our culture, music and the media is pushing kids to grow up way ...more

Explosive Diarrhea is Good for Every Relationship!

My boyfriend, who sarcastically has requested to be called "Dragon" in this blog in place of his real name only to have me take him seriously (you're welcome readers), is a guy who is only slightly more than tolerant of my insanity, and for that I applaud him. Secretly, I think he is just as crazy as I am, but he hides it better in public - for example, right now he is sitting on the floor of my kitchen, fixing his bicycle, and speaking to it in different variations of Australian and other accents....more

A Decision Made

As we walked through the quiet of the intramural fields, I found myself questioning everything....more

The Stranger Who Took My Heart


Always Up To Something

For a few weeks when I was three or four, I drove my mom insane trying to pee standing up. I still remember the contortions that took. I would straddle the toilet bowl as best I could with my pudgy little legs and let fly, swiveling my bottom to adjust the stream. It was a messy and frustrating endeavor. I was trying to be like my dad. Thankfully, I discovered pretty quickly that my biology prevented me from emulating him in this aspect. I'm sure my mother was relieved....more

Valley in the Mountains


The American Brit

[This is another installment of the Life of Kiki series. We are going to be in London for a while. You can catch up HERE on the previous posts. And a brief caveat: It's kinda weird to be married and write about a past relationship. I don't really plan to do that with the exception of British Pete. As you will soon see, Pete came with enough drama to fuel a mini-series. He got happily married about six months after we broke up, so I don't feel badly about how things ended....more

Georgie's Girl


The Art of Love

For a few days now I keep hearing “If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you?” Of course the phrase “A picture paints a thousand words” has been around forever, but what I have been hearing is the line from the song by Bread. Is this you? Have you been saying this to me over and over again for some reason? If you are hearing it, there must be some significance. What does it mean to you? ...more