I Stand With Chief Theresa Spence – Time to be Idle No More

I’m going to start this post off with one statement: Chief Theresa Spence is my hero. Who is Chief Spence? She’s an Aboriginal Chief of the Cree Nation Attawapiskat, a small band of First Nations people who live up near James Bay in Northern Ontario....more

Manifest Destiny: My Story

When I was young, I knew that my grandfather was something called “Chippewa”. He never talked about it – but the signs were there. A Thunderbird flag hanging in his room. His collection of artefacts from his grandmother. The way he’d occasionally tell stories about his life on his grandfather’s farm.Then, we were outside last fall, and he was staring contemplatively at the trees turning in our backyard. He turned to me and said, “Your mother has the healing hands. My grandmother had them. You can put your hands on anyone and they just feel better.”...more
@Darcie Well said. And the fact that people want to tell us to "get over it" just tells us that ...more