Letter To Myself – My PreBaby Self – Get it Together!

Letter To Myself  My PreBaby Self AKA DumbassSeptember 26, 2014To my pre-baby self,Hello, 23 year-old self. My you are looking very knocked-up.And well rested. I hope you enjoyed your full 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. Yup. Not going to see that again any time soon....more

Five Things I Learnt being a MOM

We recently celebrated our daughter’s “1st Birthday”. It was one of the joyous day of my life. I was very excited and was preparing for a very long time. Just sometime back, I was holding this little baby in my arms for the first time. She was looking at me with her tiny eyes wide open. And now she is all set to walk by herself. I have bitter sweet feeling that she is growing up so fast and is not a baby anymore. But I have this joy, of her getting independent and set to explore this wide world....more

How This First-Time Mommy's Sanity Was Saved With A Camera

My first baby was one that the books (and my pediatrician) referred to as ‘spirited’.  What that really means is from the moment they are born, IF they are awake, they ARE screaming.  ‘Spirited’ is not to be confused with colic.  Spirited hangs on much longer.  She also never slept for more than 2 hours at a time (often 45 minutes) for months and months.  Even as an older baby, she didn’t sleep well and was crying most of the time.  It wasn’t a ‘something hurts’ cry, it was an ‘I’m pissed’ cry....more

What I Ran Into: I'm Pregnant

So this happened. The Wife and I are expecting a new roommate in the summer! I recently received the results of the first set of blood tests - all normal, yo! So I finally decided to reveal this here. "What had happened was" I was 5 days late with my period, but because of my workload, I thought it wasn't a big deal. On the seventh day, God Oprah  told me to take a pregnancy test. Just kidding. I told myself to do it....more

Placing Merit on Yourself Outside of Being a Mom & a Wife

What makes you feel truly beautiful? I don't just mean for that passing moment when your hair happens to actually obey your commands, or your makeup just happens to match on both eyes, but really aware of your worth? For me, I feel it most when I give myself permission to invest a little of my well sought after time, solely in my mind, body and spirit, without guilt or consequence. It could be as simple as painting my nails, reading a book or article I've had my eye on for a while, or connecting with those around me to discuss the issues that really fire me up. ...more

The Need to Be a Perfect First Time Mom

I often feel like I need to prove myself as a mom, especially as a first time mom. My guess is many moms have felt that way at one point or another. There are many times when I take comments personally that were probably not intended to be taken as a criticism....more
Oh, and the phrase "Charity begins at home" is not a specifically American one. Please read ...more


There is no progress report. No test or score or grade. Everyday, I fumble and guess my way through, hoping that the choices and decisions and moves I make are the right ones. The good ones. The best ones I can muster. And every night, as I lay in bed releasing the breath I've been holding since morning, I pray that today, I was enough. How can I measure myself as her mother? She speaks, her own language, the beautiful babbled nonsense of the toddling, but her words don't quiet the voice. The whisper, ever so slight, ever present, doubting. Will the voice ever stop?...more

Diary of a New Mom

November 1, 2008 ...more

Breastfeeding is Easy, Right?

Umm whoever says breastfeeding is easy has no idea what they are talking about. One of my goals is to exclusively breastfeed my doll baby for at least six months. While I took a breastfeeding class prior to her birth I had no idea just how hard it would be during her first weeks....more

Been there done that... twice. It is not as easy as one would think. You might find the story ...more

Could Ya Help A Mother Out?

http://cwazylawa.blogspot.com/2008/08/could-ya-help-mother-out.html ...more