How I Spent the Best Summer Vacation of My Life

Today marks the first day of school and the official end to what I had dubbed the mother-daughter summer of fun. After nearly three months of staying up late, sleeping in, and pretty much setting our own schedule, we must return to routine....more
Experienced Bad Mom Thanks! Though I'm not sure our future summers will be quite so free, I ...more

First Day of School Angst

     The first day of school has always been a little nerve-wracking for me.  Having grown up with a debilitating shyness, I'm constantly impressed with the bravery that Punkgirl ( 12) and Happyboy ( 10) show every year.  Punkgirl, who came out at school last year as a lesbian, has had a particularly difficult time and has handled it with such maturity....more
@upliftingfam They both did have a good first day!more

A Letter to My Children on Their First Day of School

Dear Olivia and Evan,As I opened my eyes this morning, the realization that you will be starting a new school year at a new school today held me hostage for a moment. Our homeschooling days have come to an end. Today, you embark on yet another new chapter in your young lives, and as we rode the elevator down from the 17th floor I thought of so many things I wanted to say to you. Things I've already covered in the many conversations we've had leading up to this day, but as a mom can't help but feel the urge to repeat in case you didn't hear me the first time....more
@patltoler Thank you so much for taking the time to not only read my thoughts, but also share ...more