Oh Snap, I went to Zumba

Taking a Zumba class has been on my to-do list for longer than I care to admit. I can proudly say I finally checked it off my list. Why did it take so long? I am a chicken shit plain and simple....more

Hotter Than A Telenovela: How I Was Seduced by Zumba!

While breakups often equal melodrama; it's not all tragedy.  Hell, appetite loss alone kick started dropping the long relationship "comfort" weight I'd put on.  When my depression diet had done all it could, I handled the rest the old fashioned way.  Goodbye bonbons and soap operas; I got my buxom bum to the gym....more


So on my quest to find excitement, as well as become a fit individual.  I have decided to join a gym.I originally did not want to join the gym, but 24hour fitness is now offering a free 7 day pass, so I  figured I'd go and try it out....more