Business Lessons from the US Postal Service Woes

I am a big fan of sending and receiving snail mail even in today's virtual world. Say what you will, but sending an e-card is NOT the same as receiving a handwritten physical card from someone. The convenience of walking to the mailbox to receive client payments or magazine subscriptions couldn't be easier. At $.45 (rising to $.46 in late January 2013) for a first-class U.S. stamp, you can't beat it. So, for a system so crucial to our life and business operations, how could it get perched on the edge of financial disaster? ...more
And here ya go!  Saturday mail delivery no ...more

When Progress Ruffles Traditional Feathers

I am not someone who spends a lot of time listening to the news or current events. Politics are definitely not my thing. Yet, this week when I was listening to the radio and news about the avoidance of the fiscal cliff,one comment really got me going... ...more

Backing Away From the Fiscal Cliff

Like most kids, mine are largely oblivious to what is going on in the world. As long as they have clothes on their backs, food in their stomachs, and well-charged cell phones, they’re pretty much good to go. Continue......more

The Fiscal Cliff and Children: A Love Story

I don't know about you but I am going to blow a gasket if I hear the term "fiscal cliff" one more time.  I've blown gaskets before and they are not pretty sights.  In my humble opinion, our Congress and our President are behaving worse than my own kids fighting over a toy and believe me that is not a pretty sight either.  I've become an economist by osmosis just by listening to all the major media outlets.  As a mother I want so badly to intervene among the two of them.  I'm all for checks and balances but this is getting absurd.  What the President and the Con...more

Fiscal Fidelity

The end of year is near and America is driving closer to the cliff, the fiscal cliff.  While we watch and wait to see if our country falls; I am assessing my relationship with money or let’s call it… my fiscal fidelity.  The further we get to the cliff; the more I am determined to not have a fiscal fall. With our national debt and individual Americans’ economic woe and personal debt, the true scandal is our fiscal infidelity....more
26 Acts of Kindness-16 more to go.more

The Fiscal Cliff, Bah Humbug: It's Time Congress Redeems Itself

The holidays are upon us - a time to make merry and spread good cheer. But there is a more contemplative side to this season as well - a time for self-reflection and for thinking of others who need our help.I hope that Congress is practicing the latter in these final days of the session. They will decide by the end of the year whether to protect working families or the richest 2 percent....more