Fiscal Fidelity

The end of year is near and America is driving closer to the cliff, the fiscal cliff.  While we watch and wait to see if our country falls; I am assessing my relationship with money or let’s call it… my fiscal fidelity.  The further we get to the cliff; the more I am determined to not have a fiscal fall. With our national debt and individual Americans’ economic woe and personal debt, the true scandal is our fiscal infidelity....more
26 Acts of Kindness-16 more to go.more

Some rain for your parade

Some rain for your parade It seems most of America is whooping it up in D.C. or reveling in the inaugural madness at the local watering hole. I don't mean to take away from the historical significance of this inauguration, and you can call me a cheapskate, but $150 million seems like overkill to me. ...more