Midweek Meal: Mushroom & Miso Cod en Papillote

Some days when I'm dashing from meeting to meeting, I rely on these two things to keep me at bay:When I come home exhausted and frazzled, I just want to kick off my rainboots, pop my dinner in the oven,and watch a good old fashion slasher film if Lost isn't on. (Who are these temple people!?) I'm not a fast-food joint kind of girl but I sure love a quick, hot meal - who doesn't? Here's a recipe that can get dinner on the table in 20 minutes. ...more

Sustainable Seafood Tips for Tech-savvy Eco-pescatarians

Feel like a fish out of water when it comes to making sustainable seafood choices? ...more

Thank you so much for this!  I have eaten fish every day this week - bought wild ...more

Thai Style Fish


Fish Pouches

I needed to be able to make a light and quick meal tonight.  In my freezer, I had a bag of individually frozen and packaged fillets of Tilapia.  In my pantry I had a can of Italian Style canned chopped tomatoes.  My answer was obvious:  Fish Pouches! Sometimes even us Stay-at-Home folks need a quick and easy meal.  This is one of my favorites! Fish Pouches! ...more

Fish Pedicures: Icky Weirdness or Natural Solution?

Yup, that's right. We're talking unpaid, non-union citizens of the sea doing what comes natural while you read People magazine: Eating the dead skin off yer tootsies. What began in Turkey and flourished in Japan is finally getting a foothold in the U.S. but not without some skeeved-out state governments - most recently, Florida - stepping in to say, in so many words: "That's gross! Knock it off!" ...more

...so I thought I'd better update, since time for the conference is drawing closer! ...more

Teen boys who eat fish 1x/week have higher intelligence scores

http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/141708.php   I've blogged about this before and written more than one article on the subject. The "good" fats (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) can do amazing things for the brain!    My mother is a Registered Dietician and vegetarian, though she eats fish because she knows how vital it is to our health. I feel sorry for people who don't like seafood!  ...more

Are The Seven Fishes Really An Italian-American Christmas Eve Tradition For All Families?

Christmas is a very important time in an any Italian or Italian American family. If you grew up with a strong sense of faith then Christmas is about more than just gifts and entertaining. With every family, I think traditions vary. As Italian Americans we come from different regions of Italy or maybe many of us come from Southern Italy or Sicily. Either way, we've evolved our Italian traditions to match the American traditions of Christmas. Christmas is Christmas, unlike Thanksgiving, this is a holiday celebrated by Catholics all around the world. Even celebrated by non-Catholics. ...more

To Fish or Not To Fish

Young children and pregnant women should avoid fish because of unsafe mercury levels. Young women and pregnant women should eat fish because of the supposed effect of fatty-acids on brain development. Have we resolved this fishy conflict?  Read more on this issue... ...more

A Pescatarian's dilemma: Trader Joe's fishy practices

Pescatarians who shop at Trader Joe's: I have bad news! My favorite supermarket chain got the worst score in Greenpeace's latest seafood sustainability scorecard (PDF), scoring even lower than Target and Wal-Mart! ...more

It gets harder and harder to shop AND be a responsible citizen of the earth.  As our family ...more

Fish...The Greener Meat

When it comes to eating meat, the most healthy choice is also the greenest choice - fish. However, not all fish are created equal. Many are contaminated with pollutants and other toxins (such as mercury). So choosing the correct fish is important. Here is some help on choosing the best "eco-friendly" fish... This site might be helpful, it's the Seafood Selector. ...more

I've been reading more and more how we're depleting the fish in our oceans, and I live on the ...more