Babysitter food. That’s what we called the frozen entrees my mom would pull from the freezer on nights she and my dad were heading out on the town....more

NaBloPoMo Day 18: Friday Fish Sandwiches

Sometimes you wonder if you're the only one who remembers something; then a little digging on the Internet and you find evidence to support your memories.On Fridays, especially in the fall, I think about the fish sandwiches we used to get from a place called Larry's Dinner Bell. As soon as Dad arrived home from the Cincinnati Water Works around 4:30, we'd hop in the car and drive over to Southgate, Kentucky. (I couldn't have told you it was in Southgate; I wasn't positive where it was until I started playing around on Google maps.)...more

Fish Stick Friday

Fridays always remind me of fish sticks.  I’m not sure if it’s because the cafeteria at school always served fish sticks on Friday, (or macaroni and cheese) or because on Fridays we often went out for fish sandwiches. ...more