The Story of an Elevator Fish: My Kid Picked the Weird Fish

As I mentioned several weeks ago, my daughters each received fish tanks for Christmas. You can read about my oldest daughter's ultra romantic fish couple here. I've held off blogging about my youngest daughter's three fish because, well, they're ... kinda odd. Weird, actually. ...more
No such thing as a "not weird" pet.  ;)  Really, though, I believe this is the first story I've ...more

The OCD'er Feeds the Fish

My son was given the responsibility of feeding our neighbors' fish and turning on/off the light for their iguana once a day while they took a week's vacation. He did this for 5 days and then I had to take over since the final two days he would be visiting with my parents. Sounds easy, right? Put some food in the fish tank. Turn on the light for the fish (or off depending on the day as these are "special" fish) and then turn on or off the light for the iguana. Lock up and leave. ...more