Lies, Thighs and What I've Realized

Last week, on my kids' last day of Christmas break, I walked in the house sweaty, exhausted and red faced and tossed my boxing gloves on the kitchen counter. "Mommy...." comes the voice of my daughter from the couch, "someday I want to be a bad butt like you" (she knew she wasn't allowed to say badass. I know right? So cute). That was like a punch in the stomach to me, in both a good AND a bad way. She wants to be like me. SHE WANTS TO BE LIKE ME!  ...more

Justina Elumeze

Weight Loss Surgery: What Is it All About

5 female fitness coaches you need to follow on Instagram right now?

Let’s be honest – fitness is hard and for the uninitiated this road to a healthy life can be pretty daunting. We can never feel confident enough in our skin – if you are out of shape or struggling to lose weight. How can Instagram help?...more

I think I hate the gym!

About 6 years ago I first went to the gym with a friend of mine.  She introduced me to a world of sweaty treadmill fans and heavy lifting bodybuilders. I never been that motivated in sporty activities or being overly fit, but I wanted to loose weight....more

Dance DVDs To Work Off Fat And Whoop Up Fun

Ever wish you could find a way to have fun while whittling your waistline and working off those extra calories from that hot fudge sundae topped with whipped cream (oops)? Count me among those who have longed to find the solution to that question. Now I have, thanks to the dance fitness DVDs below. ...more

Lace Up To Shape Up: Begin A Running Program Or Start Again Now!

The other evening, a friend I grew up with in Palm Coast contacted me to ask my advice on getting back into running. He explained that, although he had been in peak physical condition during active military service, the demands of work and the responsibilities that come along with raising a young family have made settling into a predominantly sedentary lifestyle a subconscious decision for him.“I’d passively let it happen to me,” he explained. “But now I have a baby on the way and I don’t want to be a ‘fat dad’.”...more

How to stay fit and fresh on the road

Sometimes it can be hard to exercise, eat well and keep the routine you’re used to while traveling. These tips can help to ease the transition whether you’re moving from place to place, commuting once in awhile to see family or friends, or a week-long work trip in a new city. ...more