Get Over Your Fear of Free Weights

I've enjoyed working out at home for a while now. I don't have to worry about crowds or what I look like. I don't even have to wear clothes. I did weight training at home with what we had in the house, but I wanted to lift heavier and branch out to different exercises. So after four weeks, I forced myself to enter the free weight zone at the gym. It was really hard at first. I felt like a flopping fish out of water. It took me a good two weeks of going almost every day before I started to feel more comfortable. ...more
I would also add to your list, on many of the plated weight machines, there are directions on ...more

Not Gonna Lie - This Is A Struggle

I'm not gonna lie - this is a struggle. This marathon training is tough - not just physically but mentally. Anyone else out there training feel this way? Or am I just a weenie? For real, I keep telling myself to just suck it up. It's just 7 more weeks. But my body (and mind) feel tired at this point. But I also know this is the crunch time, where I have to dig deep (while listening to my body). See, that's the hard part. You have to listen to your body, but at the same time push through to reach new levels....more

No One Said It Would Be Easy Or Even Always Fun - But When You Make a Commitment

  No one said that it would be easy, or that it would always be enjoyable, and always fun. But when you've made a commitment - it's a commitment - and you see it through (and no I'm not talking about marriage, although I could easily make a correlation between the two). I'm referring to my marathon training....more

Go Fish – Farm Raised vs Wild Caught

When it comes to eating healthy it’s important to choose the right foods, such as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats....more

Exercise Safety Tips to Avoid Injury

It is perfectly healthy and normal to want to look and feel your best.And while there is an abundance of information available out there designed to help you to lose weight and get fit, there is an important topic of discussion that often gets overlooked.That topic is exercise safety.Now I personally thought I had known a thing or two about exercise given that I had worked out on and off throughout my life. But if I am to be honest, I’ll admit that I had never given any thought to safety.This is because I didn’t know it was necessary....more

This is....SPARTAN!

Spartan racing, I mean. You guys know I'm pretty lazy - well, I *used* to be athletic (hum a few bars of Glory Days here) - but now I get most of my sports on the teevee because I am old and arthritic in addition to that lazy thing. ...more

A Plus-Size Girl Walks into a Barre Studio

A few months ago, I started a new job with a political consulting company.  One of the things I really like about it is being surrounded by people who are healthy and active, but not judgmental.  Several of them are really into Barre classes. Barre is a challenging, non-impact workout that focuses on ballet-like movements to help sculpt and tone your body. ...more
Not in the barre classes.more