The Privacy of Personal Training Montclair NJ: It May Be for You as It Was for Me

Find out why personal training Montclair NJ turned out to be preferable to group or gym sessions for one would-be weight-loser.  And what started him on his journey to fitness was just a musty closet and a pair of pants....more

Gym Observations: Workout Barbie vs. Sweaty Barbie

*Sweaty Barbie refused to be photographed.*1. Workout Barbie: She enters the gym as though we're all expecting her a la "the p...more

How about an Ab workout for you?

Lisa WORKOUT1. Reverse crunches- 252. Sit-ups-503. Alternating Leg Lifts -304. High Plank -2mins5. Push-ups -206. Forearm Plank-1 minute 7. Side Plank- 30 secs each side8. Bridge- 25*repeat circuit 2-3 times bases on ability level* Ps. If you can only get through the circuit once, keep at it and be consistent and work your way up to repeating =)...more

I’m Too Slow for Run Clubs, and That’s Ok

I typically run around a 10 minute mile. Even as a high school basketball player, I’ve never been terribly quick so I see my pace as being more of a comfortable stride that keeps me out there doing 5Ks and perhaps the annual 10-miler or half marathon. To be honest, I’m quite happy with my speed. So when Chris and I moved here to the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw the local run clubs at two nearby athletic stores as not only being a way to find some new running trails, but also to meet new people....more

November Exercise Challenge: Beat the Holiday Bulge!

As always, please check with your healthcare provider if you have any specific healthcare needs, and to make sure that you can partake in this challenge. You can always feel free to add or omit weights based upon your personal fitness levels.  And before and after pictures are always a plus so we can see how much we’ve all improved our form!...more

Speedminton - A new sport for everybody!

I recently discovered this new game and I love it. It´s easy to learn, an simple workout and makes so much fun.  Speedminton is like Tennis and Badminton – two (or four) opponents facing each other, each defending their “side” or “scoring area” while trying to score on their opponents. But unlike Tennis and Badminton Speedminton does not have a net in between the scoring areas so it´s easy to set up and all you need is two rackets and a Speeder....more

I Don't Go To The Gym

In 2009, I worked out exactly one time. Terrible, I know. Even worse, the only reason I did it was because my mom dragged me to a yoga class. I didn't work out again until around September of 2010. I started slowly, with exercise videos at home. Still not very consistently, though. It wasn't until January 2011 that I actually started going back to the gym and working out regularly. We get so little of time to ourselves, especially during the week that I just didn't want to spend it at the gym....more
definitely-mommy- I totally agree! It takes a lot of the hassle out of it if you are prepared to ...more

Get Moving

It is amazing what happens when I stop planning and start doing. I am telling you ever since I stoppedweighing myself my motivation has kicked into high gear. It all started with a decision to just move....more

Oh Snap, I went to Zumba

Taking a Zumba class has been on my to-do list for longer than I care to admit. I can proudly say I finally checked it off my list. Why did it take so long? I am a chicken shit plain and simple....more

It’s NOT About the Scale

I have a tendency to beat myself up for not reaching my goals the same day I established them. So when I decided I needed to lose twenty pounds I was devastated when after one workout I actually weighed more than my start weight. I couldn’t understand because losing twenty pounds overnight when it took me four years to put on is totally realistic right?...more