Serving is Not My Love Language

“Five more minutes, everyone.  Will that be good enough to wrap up your work?”General agreement murmured across the classroom by way of a visual cue from approximately twenty percent of my graduate students. Looking up from their group work, they made eye contact with me and affirmatively nodded....more

How To Never Fail At Gift Giving Again

It takes far more than ten fingers to count the number of gifts my husband has given me that I have returned....more
This is a great, great post! I've picked up that book so many times, wanting to read it, but ...more

The five love languages

I have wanted to read this book for such a long time. I finally read it. It is really interesting about how we all have different love languages. I took the quiz and my number one was words of affirmation. which made sense to me because I love being spoken of kindly and given words of encouragement. My second was physical touch was is also true because I realize I love to hold my boyfriends hands and kiss him. I also love to hug my mom and that's a way I show my love so it makes sense that is a way I would receive love as well. My third was personal ...more