"Breaking Bad": A Well Choreographed Flamenco [Video]

Being habitually behind the popular culture eight ball as I usually am, it was a while before I got into Breaking Bad. I didn't like the violent noises coming from the other room. Included were shrieks and cries of anguish, and that was just from the family audience watching....more
@KarenLynnn Karen Lynn! Thanks for your noticing the Feature. I was tickled. Love the attention. ...more

Flamenco Dancing Makes Me Feel Beautiful

The guitar begins to play, simply at first, and then with so many notes it seems there must be five instruments on stage instead of one. Then a voice, strained and mournful, fills the space. I enter, head held high, skirt moving in rhythm. A deep breath, a pause before a flurry of footwork, arched arms and swirling skirts, and I feel beautiful. Of course, I also feel nervous, and sometimes even a little unsure of the choreography, but there is something about being on that very humble stage that makes me feel undeniably beautiful....more
@Cindyhuber Thank you so much Cindy!  WIshing you the best of luck on your dance journey!more