I Have Six Gadgets in My Purse and I Need Them All

I thought it was just me with the problem. After all, I am one of those techie type people. I like gadgets and technology, love the Internet, can’t live without my music—you can see where this is going, I’m sure. ...more

When I travel, the following goes in my backpack and/or purse:

--iPod ...more

Computer Is The Family's Scrapbook

When my granddaughter was born four years ago, I put photos of her into every kind of photo-saving device - albums, scrapbooks, Grandma’s brag book, refrigerator magnet frames, etc.  Trouble was, I took so many photos and received so many, that they started getting ahead of me.  When I want to show someone how she’s grown, most often I go for the jpg’s on the computer and attach them to an email.   It’s an extra  step to update wallet photos and to continue buying albums to put on the bookshelf, so I stopped.  ...more