Jeepers,'re a sneaky peeper! (or, Crazy Neighbors, Episode #1)

**Cross posted from This began as a single (snarky) post about neighborliness, and the extreme lack of it, in my living situation.   Then, while filling in the details about my crazy CIA neighbor, the suspected brothel and the demented Disney princess I realized I have WAY too much for a single post. Therefore, let me introduce a new unofficial-but-true section in my blog: the JOYFUL neighbors in my townhome complex.  ...more

Might Your Neighbor Have Too Many Christmas Lights?

Are you annoyed that your neighbor has gone all-out to decorate his/her home for Christmas? Is it too much with all that glitzy bling-bling? But perhaps you didn’t decorate this year and therefore can’t compete? Or could it be that you are just jealous and have become a real life embodiment of Scrooge during these festive Holidays!...more
@ropcorn  Hi there Alexandra! I, too, don't mind at all the homes that are done up for the ...more